Installing Linux with Windows 7.

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I have a PC running Windows 7, and i want to install Linux as well. I inserted the Linux boot disk into the computer but nothing happened. is there a way to install both these OSs without Dual Booting?

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Installing Linux with Windows 7.


Yes, you can have two active operating system on your computer. As you say you insert the Linux bootable disk but it did not show up. Before install the Linux you have to make sure the following things

  1. You have a working bootable disk
  2. You have a free drive with minimum 5 GB space
  3. Your BIOS is set as default

If all this is right, then just insert the disk > reboot the computer > when the boot option come go to the boot process. Keep it on mind that Linux done not work on NTFS 100% so try to make it on FAT 32 format drive.

If this is not work go check the boot priority option on your BIOS system. Then select the first priority boot drive is your CD/DVD drive.

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