How to update Final Fantasy XIV?

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When I try to download the beta client, I get 3 error messages during the updater. I already have my Open Beta key. The updater just freezes at 50.5% and 49.7% respectively. Any ideas how i could fix this? Or is this a global problem?

I have operating system Windows 7 64bit Home Premium, Patcher gets to 97.8%, freezes a sec, Display error:

An update error has occurred:
Error 20618
Error 19900
Error 5.
Upon restarting patcher, the ffxivboot.exe file is inaccessible / don't have permission to access, and then about a minute later it disappears (windows deletes it).

I do not have Antivirus, Defender, MSE, UAC, or any other windows or 3rd party software/service running that would specifically block permissions to do certain file actions. I have reinstalled it many times in several locations but in vain.

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How to update Final Fantasy XIV?


Your "Personal Folder" (Mine is named Dimascus)>
My Documents>
My Games>
(Then you will pick the bottom folder, Might look like this) d96437e6>
patch> Now extract both files to here.
Now open the patcher and update. If the servers are still down it still wont update. It needs to get the update info first.

FYI- The servers are still down for now… errr.

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How to update Final Fantasy XIV?


Hello Kuchiki,

The error you mentioned is a common problem it usually happens during the update. The solution is simple just do the following things to get rid of the problem.

1. You need to set the Final Fantasy XIV Config/Boot files and of-course both the updaters to the compatibility mode and also in the mygames too

2. To do that go to Properties -> Compatibility -> Run this program in compatibility mode for (your operating system)

3. Tick mark the box Run this program as administrator

4. Do for all the updates

5. Run the boot file as Administrator

This will do it for you

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