How do you remove the logon dialogue in windows?

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How do you remove the logon dialog in windows? Hope someone answers quick.


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How do you remove the logon dialogue in windows?

Follow the steps:
  • From the start button navigate to Settings, then Control Panel.
  • Open passwords and click on change Windows Password.
  • Type in your old password (the one you are currently using) as requested.
  • But leave both fields for the new password blank.
  • Click OK, close all windows and restart Windows.
The logon dialog should now no longer appear.
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How do you remove the logon dialogue in windows?


To disable the logon prompt on windows is very easy, either of this options will help in solving the problem;

Option One:

The easier option;

  • On the Start Menu, go to Run.
  • Then click on Control user password 2 command.
  • Uncheck the “user must provide a user name and password” box.
  • Then click OK.

You will be asked to provide a username and a password by the system that it should log into default.

Option Two:

Here you will need to edit the registry so that it can store the log in credentials. You should however note that in case you mistakenly edit the registry incorrectly, it may results in to serious problems and get your computer corrupted. Because of these, please make a backup of your registry before proceeding. Follow these steps to create a registry backup.

  • On the Start Menu, click on Run and type this “%SystemRoot%System32restorerstrui.exe” then click OK.
  • Click on create restore point on the prompt” welcome to system restore” page then click next.
  • On the Create restore point page, type the name of restore point and click create.
  • Click close after the restore point has been created.

You will receive a prompt in case the System Restore is turned off asking if you want to turn it on, click Yes. In the System Properties dialog box, click to clear the Turn off System Restore check box the click ok and repeat the step again. Then follow these steps carefuly;

  • On the Start Menu click Run and type this “regedit” and click OK.
  • Then find the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon
  • With your account name and password, double-click the “DefaultUserName” entry, input your user name and click OK.
  • Then double-click the “DefaultPassword” entry input your password under the value data box and click OK.

In case the DefaultPassword value is missing, create the one with the following steps;

  • Click Edit in Registry Editor then click New and click the String Value.
  • Input the DefaultPassword as the value name and then press ENTER.
  • Double-click on the newly created key and input your password in the Value Data box.

Take note that in case the DefaultPassword registry entry in non existence, Windows XP will automatically change the value of the AutoAdminLogonregistry key from 1 (true) to 0 (false) to turn off the AutoAdminLogon feature after the computer is restarted.

Double-click the AutoAdminLogon entry, type 1 in the Value Data box, and then click OK. If there is no AutoAdminLogon entry, create the entry with the following steps;

  • Click Edit in Registry Editor them click New and click on the String Value.
  • Input the AutoAdminLogon as the value name and then press ENTER.
  • Then Double-click the newly created key, and then type 1 in the Value Data box and Exit the Registry Editor.
  • Then restart your computer.

You can the log in automatically after your computer has restarted and Windows XP is running.

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