Installation problem with Finale 2012

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So I bought and downloaded Finale 2012 yesterday. After it’s done downloading, I ran the installation, and unexpectedly, it gave me this error message. When I read that error, I became a bit frustrated and did each and every basic troubleshooting and etc. Over the following day, I got it installed.

What I did initially was as simple as just disabling the antivirus software installed in my computer, and I tried to install it with after I close my internet browser. After that failed attempt to install, I thought of trying it again later on and not think about it at present.

I then said to myself to continue attempting by restarting the computer. Unfortunately, that was also not effective. I also thought of switching off my wireless switch. After another failed attempt, I tried resetting my internet modem but I still did not succeed.

After all that, I entirely shut down and rebooted the computer. Then, I close the running programs like TeamViewer, Skype, iCloud and Dropbox. Basically, I closed all the programs that require internet connection to run. I subsequently run the setup as administrator, and when it approached the “downloading” screen, I hoped, patiently waited, and did nothing but allow the setup file running.

Once I monitored it move until the end and get done, it worked. I was joyful, and I set aside it this way for the entire installation process. Everything else went as smooth as possible and I finally got Finale 2012 correctly installed on my computer.

Download Finale 2012

Your internet connection seems to be not permitted or dropped out! 

Please reconnect and click Retry to resume installation.

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Installation problem with Finale 2012


Watsup Halton, 

I believe I can be the perfect expert to help you solve or fix this problem, the steps you mentioned, closing programs like Teamviewer, Skype, icloud and Dropbox was a really good idea since those applications really use much of the internet. The finale 2012 is made in such a way that it requires a very fast internet connection. This is also because it downloads many large files during installation.

Document Setup Wizard

It could also be a problem with your internet connection, your internet connection needs to be quick and stable during the installation of the software.

Ensure you have a stable and fast internet connection and all the software and applications connecting to the internet such as the anti-virus, Skype, Dropbox are disabled.

I hope this solves your problem.


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Installation problem with Finale 2012


Hello Halton,

Internet connection which you are using? This error appears when you are downloading a heavy file with slow internet connection. During the process it downloads many heavy size files due to this if you have slow connection any data packet might get lost. So here is the solution you can try.

1- Instead of downloading the files just download the .ISO version of the setup.

2- Again make sure that your firewall is off and disable your antivirus for a few hours.

This will solve your problem.


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