Photoshop problem with saved pictures

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Help please!

When I saved my work that I did in PhotoShop when I tried to view on my windows photo viewer it keeps showing me this error message.

"Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because Photo viewer doesn't support this file format"

I saved it as a JPEG. I can view the other pictures that are JPEG but when I try to view the ones I saved in PhotoShop it gives me that error.

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Photoshop problem with saved pictures



John Mason.

The problem is not very critical issue it has a very simple solution. There is no matter with the JPEG file format, but the problem is of selection mode. You have to click on 8Bits/channel in image mode while saving your file. After you changing the image mode you will see the picture by the next time for which you were unable to see before. I hope your problem will be fixed surely.If the size of the image is large make it small. Make sure your image is re-sized or not.

When you make your image mode to 8Bits/channel you will surely save the image in JPEG format. Hopefully this would help you in better way.

Give feedback.


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Photoshop problem with saved pictures


Hi John,

I think the problem is too simple, what file type you save your edited files if it is . Then it is Photoshop’s native format which picture viewer and other programs do not understand. You can't open  files with these programs all you have to do is just save the file as some other common format preferably '.jpg' and view this .jpg file in picture viewer to do this

when you have completed editing and saved it before you close just go to

File -> Save As

and select a different format preferably '.jpg' and then try opening this .jpg file it will get opened in picture viewer.

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