Install Windows 7 without Product Key and Activate Later

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I want to buy a legal or genuine copy of Windows 7. How can I get it if I have a gaming computer?

I have tried to install my friend’s copy of Windows 7 but I failed to install it since it doesn’t accept the product key.

Can I install Windows 7 even without inserting the product key?

And then, just activate it when I already purchase a genuine copy of it. 

I will appreciate if you help me in this matter!

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Install Windows 7 without Product Key and Activate Later


Dena Ramos


Working with the installation of windows 7 you should be careful about the version of the win 7 you are trying to install.

If you are upgrading the windows 7 from previous windows like XP or Vista, be careful, there are separate versions of win 7 installations.

In your case as I understand you already have a gaming computer, which means a window is installed on it. So you should be upgrading your windows to windows 7, as such you should choose the correct version of the product.

It is very much possible that the copy of your friends windows 7 is not the upgrading version.

Furthermore, for your second question, yes you can install the windows 7 without the product key, (Simply leave the column blank when it asks for the key, and press next), but remember in this condition your copy of windows will be not be activated, and full functionality of windows 7 will not be available. Furthermore, more seriously, the windows must be activated within 30 days of installation.

Do review the FAQs here.


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Install Windows 7 without Product Key and Activate Later


The resource you could not be able to use the windows 7 installation CD on your compute is because it was licensed to be used on only one computer, and therefore once your friend used it and activated it, then all  the details about his computer are taken by Microsoft and therefore any installation on another computer will not be accepted.

You will therefore need to get another installation setup to use on your computer. And yes, it is possible for you to get a copy of the windows installation setup that you will not need to use a serial key to register it, but you will just need to purchase it from the Microsoft website.

Clair Charles

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Install Windows 7 without Product Key and Activate Later


Install the 64 bit version of Windows 7, you won't be able to use all of the memory with a 32 bit OS. Don't install XP on a gaming computer because you can't use DirectX10 or DirectX11 graphics with XP. You can use these with Vista but 7 is more efficient. The 64 bit version or Windows 7 is slightly faster than the 32 bit version but there's not a lot in it.

Secondly , when you use the copy of windows 7 it will give an error and will not be installed properly. And yes you can install a copy of windows 7 without  entering the product key , just leave the column blank when it asks for a key,but it will be limited to 30 days and you will be need to enter the key within the time frame of 30 days and when you purchase the original win 7

( Genuine copy) you can just enter the key you got with it and then your windows will be activated and will be marked as genuine and can be fully functional.

I highly recommend that you get a 64 bit version of windows 7 for the gaming computer like yours.

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Install Windows 7 without Product Key and Activate Later


Thank you for all the solutions Phoenix Team, Clair Charles and Ankit.

 I noted what you all said and I checked the specs of my gaming computer.

I think I might just buy an authentic installer of Windows 7 just to be safe and to use it efficiently.

Your links also helped.

Many thanks!

Thank you TechyV!

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