Install and Register Avast! Free Version

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I've been trying to install and then register my Avast! Free Version but it always failed. What are the steps on doing it correctly? Please cite the step-by-step method. Thank you.

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Install and Register Avast! Free Version


To install Avast! Free Version:

1. Double-click on the setup_av_free.exe to start the installation. You will be prompted with the Open File – Security Warning box. Click the Run button and wait for the progress bar to start. The box below will appear.

2. Click Next to launch the User License Agreement box. It is recommended to disable the Participate in the avast! check box for Privacy and security reason. Click Next.

3. You will be prompted with the Avast! Recommends screen. Untick the Yes, also install the Google Chrome web browser.

4. Tick the No, do not install the Google Chrome web browser option and then click Next.

5. Click Finish to complete the installation process. After a short while, you will see the avast! icon in your system tray. And a balloon message will appear stating that you have successfully installed avast!.

To register Avast! Free version:

You need to register your Avast! or it will stop working after 30 days. In order to register it, you need to be connected to the Internet and then follow the steps below:

1. Click the  to activate avast!.

2. Click the Register Now button under the maintenance and registration menu.

3. After retrieving the information needed, you will be prompted with a screen notifying that avast! will expire in 30 days if you do not register your software. Included in the box is the software promotions. Click the Register button.

4. The registration form will appear:

5. You must enter your information on the text field and then click on Register for Free License. You will be prompted with the screen below:

6. Click OK to launch the YOUR REGISTRATION window.

7. You have successfully registered your Avast! Free Version.



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