Information about the Windows Systray

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I want to know about windows systray or which is called the system tray.

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Information about the Windows Systray


System tray or systray is officially called ‘notification area’ it is located basically in the bottom right corner although you can change the position easily if you want. It is also known as “shell notification area” and you will find this thing in all versions of windows.

Generally the thing determines what is loaded in the memory. It consists with some small icons remember that the time sowing bar is not a part of the system tray.

If you move the cursor on these small icons you will know their name, like speakers (volume). If you use a laptop you could also see battery charge parameter.

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Information about the Windows Systray


Salver of the system:

The system salver is in the bar of tasks of windows and in general it’s in the right lower (lower) corner next to the clock.

It contains icons to facilitate the access to the functions of the system as the configuration of the antivirus, printer, modem, been of battery (drummer) and the sound volume.

An icon can be placed in the salver of the system when he (she) installs a program to himself doing an entry in the record of the system, or later creating a direct access to a program and to drag the icon of direct access to the system salver.

When they install more icons to themselves in the salver of the system it can fit in the assigned space, the savior of the system turns in horizontal.

What does specially to an icon of the salver is, when he(she) settles it can have a personalized message they appear when the mouse hovers on him (it), it is possible to personalize the menu that appears on having touched the right button.

The salver of the system is for 'SysTray.exe' and can load the following icons:

  1. Task scheduler.
  2. Volume control.
  3. The State of the card on the PC.
  4. Meter on the battery (drummer).

The system salver of Windows also is named like 'Salver of the system'.
System cleaner:

The system of windows 'clean salver' is a simple tool that helps him to remove quickly and easily not wished icons of the salver of the system windows.

Cleaner of the salver of the system will show all the icons of the system salver and to identify that program that it belongs to and you can choose if he (she) wants to leave a certain program or to remove it of the beginning or simply desinstalar.


  1. It gets rid of the disorder in the salver of the system.
  2. To identify what does every icon of the system salver.
  3. Hour of beginning speed of the team(equipment).
  4. Easy to remove programs from its beginning.
  5. To accelerate the team(equipment) on having liberated its memory and CPU.
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Information about the Windows Systray


Systray or the System Tray is the shell notification area on your computer. It shows small icons that let the user know what is presently active in the computer's memory. You can often see this on the bottom right-hand-side of your monitor screen beside the time. Below is the picture of it:

Notification area

You can often see the battery meter, volume control, task scheduler icons and more from the system tray.

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