Shrink partition in windows 7

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Hi Experts,

Shrink partition in Windows 7

How can I do this?

Is this only available in Windows 7. Would there be any data loss?

Thank you.


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Shrink partition in windows 7


Hello Rakesh,

Windows Vista and Windows 7 are the only OS that has a built-in Shrink or Expand Partition ability. To clarify things, there is no loss of data in a shrinking partition because you cannot shrink a partition beyond the available space. If you have 20gb of free space then you can shrink 1gb- 20gb less than the original partition size and beyond that, it’s impossible.

Follow these steps to Shrink a partition:
(Please do not include the quotation “” marks when typing commands)

1. Click Start Button

Click Start Button

2. In the Search Programs and Files Box type “Partition” and hit Enter to open Disk Management

Steps to Shrink a partition

3. In the Disk Management box select the partition you want to shrink. Right click and choose Shrink Volume

Programs and Files Box type Partition

4. Enter the amount of space in MB (1gb is equal to 1000mb)

[Note: Input how much you want the partition to decrease.

Example: Partition C: Has a free space of 20gb, I will input 19000 (19gb) as long as it is not more than 20000 (20gb)]

Enter the amount of space in MB

5. Finally, click shrink.
6. Done!

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Shrink partition in windows 7


Hello Dear!

Win 7 Disk Manager Tool gives you easy way/screens to manage the hard disk volumes and disk partitions. In the earlier versions of windows operating systems, there are limited options to shrink as well as they are more complex than the latest mechanism.

Win 7 gives us a simple and out of the box process to shrink your disk partitions, it even gives you the right to shrink your primary partition (i.e. C drive in most cases). Data remains correct during and after this process but I will recommend that you take a backup before this process (note: backup your files with time and date stamp).

Now, I tell you how to proceed the matter of this management.

  • Click on START.
  • Write RUN in edit field.
  • Write ‘diskmgmt.msc’ and click OK.
  • Right click on the specific volume on which you want to shrink in Disk Management.
  • Now, enter the amount of space which is shrinking the disk.
  • Finally, press shrink button.

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