Info Needed: Resolution problem with Ubuntu and Microsoft

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I installed Ubuntu on my system. 

This is my second OS since I wanted to have another system aside from Microsoft. 

However, the resolution is not perfect. 

Can you help me with this? 


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Info Needed: Resolution problem with Ubuntu and Microsoft


Hello Myrtle_Staley

Ubuntu is a very awesome operating system, does not get attacked by viruses as compared to the windows counterpart and I bet that you will love using it. To change the screen resolution, the first procedure I will suggest to you to go to System, and from there choose preferences, and then choose screen resolution and adjust from there and see which one works best for you.

Another method that I will suggest you try is at the boot type, try using server instead on enter. Thereafter login as the user that you had set up when you want to get the login prompt and then type the following:

cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/sources.list_backup

edit the /etc/apt/sources.list file

Done that, do not comment on anything that may appear to look like a web address, and then save the file and exit out of the editor. You will then type the following:

apt-get update followed by

apt-get install xubuntu-desktop and then



Clair Charles

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Info Needed: Resolution problem with Ubuntu and Microsoft


Changing the screen resolution in Microsoft Windows is very easy. For Linux Ubuntu, here’s how it is done. On your desktop, click the icon on the very right of the menu bar then select “System Settings” and then “Displays”. Select a display in the preview area and then select your preferred resolution and rotation.

Click “Apply” then click “Keep This Configuration” within 30 seconds if you are happy with the new settings. If you are not happy with the new settings, just wait until the screen reverts to the previous settings. The resolution or the screen resolution is the number of pixels or dots on the screen. Every resolution has an “aspect ratio” that consists of the width and the height.

Traditional displays use 4:3 aspect ratio while widescreen displays use 16:9. If you selected a screen resolution that doesn’t fit the aspect ratio of your monitor, your screen will be letterboxed to prevent distortion.

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