Drawbacks of using Windows PC OS as related to Ubuntu PC OS

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What are the disadvantages of using Microsoft Windows PC Operating System as compared to the use of Ubuntu PC Operating System? My name is William Johnson and a second year student of Catholic University studying Computer Science. I am making a personal project study into the exploits of Ubuntu in recent times.

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Drawbacks of using Windows PC OS as related to Ubuntu PC OS



Ubuntu and Windows – both are different platform. Each platform has its own merits and demerits at the same time.

Windows is the most popular OS all over the world. It’s been dominating the PC world for years. There are trillions of apps available for different works and also, developers are available to develop your own customized apps. It’s the best gaming platform, using the Microsoft DirectX. From normal everyday work to workstation – everywhere Windows is recognized.

Though it’s so good, there are troubles in this platform. The most important thing is the security. It’s been the most vulnerable platform since its birth and therefore, there are many anti-malware available on the web as well.

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution. With its large community, it’s developed quite a good OS. But unlike Windows, it’s not so much famous. The main problem is, there are less apps for Linux and the drive system isn’t so easy as it is in Windows. Games are not available, no big company develops games for Linux. No game like Assassin’s Creed, Need For Speed is available for this platform.

Drivers for all device is available, but the quality isn’t so vibrant like Windows.

But the best part of Linux is its security. There’s been only 10-12 bugs found until now, where Windows is the divine palace for them. The runtime is quite fast, and doesn’t consume lots of memory.

If you’re just a normal PC user or planning for super gaming, then Windows should be your choice. It’s easily able to fulfill your needs. If you’re overnice with your security, Ubuntu should be your choice.

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