Improving the Performance of my IE

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I really need the help of some experts here.

Ive been using Internet Explorer as my web browser for quite some time already.

The problem is, the speed performance of my IE is becoming slower than before.

Is there some way I could improve its performance?

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Improving the Performance of my IE


There are a couple of steps you can try to make your IE performance better.

You need to make sure that your internet explorer is up-to-date. You can also reset your IE settings.

For easy reset you can get the "Reset IE tool" from

Follow this link to get there.

Try to disable some add-ons on you browser that you usually don't use. Try making more changes under your browser's settings (e.g. turning off RSS Feeds, disabling clear type, etc).

You can also close some applications that you are not using since it eats up memory off your computer which makes everything run a bit slower.

Lesser applications or programs running the faster your computer performance works.

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Improving the Performance of my IE


Hello my dear,

First, remember this, whenever you open any webpage on Internet Explorer, it saves the data into its cache memory, and builds cookies and other scripts in its cache memory. When cache memory reaches its limit, then performance and speed become slower. In your case, it seems that you have not cleared your cache memory and cookies, so this problem is occurring. Clear all of your offline data, cache memory and saved passwords, and delete all of your cookies. Then, you will see that performance and speed have increased.



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