Primo PDF error from iE9

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Hi friends,

I have been using computer since the last 15 years and I am a professional computer technician. I am experiencing problem with Internet explorer 9 and Primo PDF.

Actually I want to print a file from Internet explorer 9 to Primo PDF but I am always met with an error. The error is about Primo PDF complaining of the file name. I have attached the screenshot of the error below:

I have windows 7 pro 32 bit installed on my system and primo PDF v5-1-0-2.


file:///C:/Program%20Files/CM6/invoices/102_12Dec11.htm contains invalid

characters which have been replaced with the '_' character. The altered file name

is: file____C__program%20Files_CM6_invoices_102_12Dec11.pdf.

Always show this message.                                               OK

I have windows 7 pro 32 bit installed on my system and primo PDF v5-1-0-2.

Despite this error, I have successfully created the PDF file from IE9 but the question still remains. Why is the program behaving like this resulting in an error? If anyone has any clue regarding this behavior, do let me know please. Might be the software requires to be updated or may be for any other reason.

Looking forward to your views.



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Primo PDF error from iE9


This is not an error. This is actually a notification form primopdf stating there are invalid characters. The reason why it shows this way is because we cannot create any file or folder which has a '/' character in windows and we cannot use any special characters which creating a file or folder like %,*,<,>,?,,| etc. these are some character which we cannot use in creating the file or folder. If any of these things appears during the creation of pdf by primopdf it will replace all characters using '_' character. This is not an error, it is just a feature provided by primo pdf. So don't confuse with errors and notification.

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Primo PDF error from iE9


That problem is not really related to special characters in the filename but with the way the file was entered for conversion. You received that error because the entire path of the file was added or was included together with the filename where it should be only the filename without the path. That’s why the program treated the entire entry as the filename which became invalid.

To fix it, just remove the path from the filename and retain only the filename. From “file:///C:/Program%20Files/CM6/invoices/102_12Dec11.htm” which you entered, put without quotes “102_12Dec11.htm”. That should fix the problem with the filename. I’m just confused if you are converting it using the PrimoPDF application or with a web browser.

Also, if you want to convert a file to PDF using PrimoPDF, you can do it online by visiting Nitro Online PDF Converter. This method doesn’t require installing PrimoPDF on your computer. You just need an internet connection and a web browser to visit the page and convert the file. You need to provide an email address where the converted file will be sent to.

Note: the Nitro online PDF converter is limited to 5 MB-file only. You cannot upload a file greater than that size.

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