IMB Lotus Notes 8.5.2 Client Configuration Error

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Hello experts,

When I try to configure a client in IBM Lotus I have this error message. I don’t know what I did wrong because I followed the standard steps for a good configuration. Can anyone help me to make the good configuration ?

Thank you !

IBM Lotus Notes

The requested item does not exist


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IMB Lotus Notes 8.5.2 Client Configuration Error



The solution to this problem depends on the scenario you’re working at.

1. Open “Notes.ini” into Notepad.

2. Except the first 5 lines, remove all. The file will look like:



Directory=c:Program Files (x86)IBMLotusNotesData



NotesProgram=c:Program Files (x86)IBMLotusNotes

3. Take a backup of “Names.nsf”, “Bookmark.nsf”, “Desktop8.ndk” and delete them from the original path.

4. Return to the setup window and enter usernames but don’t forget to uncheck the selection “I want to connect to a Domino Server”.

5. When prompted to replace the User ID, hit “Yes”.

6. Finish the setup process.

7. Edit the location docs and include the “Mail Server” and “Mail file” location for the user.

8. “One or more Notes Certificates has expired” Notification will appear while attempting to access the users’ mail files.

9. Finally, re-certify the users’ Notes ID.

Your problem should have solved.

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