Using 2 Memory stick won’t work on my PC

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My computer is an old version. And so it's very slow. But my motherboard's have two slot for ram. And my Ram is DDR1.

But it is marketed out. I tell my friend if you get any Ram of DDR1 then you tell me I bought it. And now I get ram. Now my problem is two Ram do not support.

When I out one ram then the computer is running but two Ram cannot run my computer.

So what can I do about this problem?

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Using 2 Memory stick won’t work on my PC


Hello Khaled,

You are facing issues with using 2 RAM's at a time.

Firstly I will suggest you to clean the tip of the RAM which is normally inserted into the slot with a help of a pencil eraser. Clean it from both the sides properly and then try to insert the RAM's.

Even if the problem persists then I will suggest you to remove your working RAM and insert the RAM that you have just got and into your working RAM's slot. In this way you will come to know whether your RAM is working or not.

If the RAM works then try both RAM's together now.

I hope that this will definitely run.

If still both of RAM's do not work with together and if they run individually then please check each RAM's frequency. While using two RAM's together their frequency should be same.

If both have different frequencies then you cannot use both RAM's together.


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Using 2 Memory stick won’t work on my PC


I think that your computer is an old version and motherboard supported DDR1 ram. But motherboard can not support two ram. 

I suggest you please replace the motherboard. Then the problem is solved.

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