Booting issue on installing new RAM

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I had 1 GB RAM. Since my computer was very slow therefore I have installed another 1 GB RAM today but the problem is that I can not boot up my system. When I switch on my computer a black screen comes and the computer does not boot. Tell me why won't my computer boot?  

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Booting issue on installing new RAM


Dear Abrahamahartman,

This is a well known problem and its solution can be different depending upon root cause analysis.

Reasons and solutions:

1. Newly Installed  RAM Module is not properly seated.

Solution: Sometimes person think that he has installed the RAM correctly but it is not the case actually. When a RAM seated correctly , the both clamp at the either side should lock the RAM module automatically. Vertically insert the RAM Module after matching the cutt ( as you can see in fig 2) in RAM lower side with the slot and press it down. The clamp should automatically be gripped or lock the RAM Module. The detail about the RAM and Clamps can be seen in attached Figure 1 and Fig 2.

2. Newly installed RAM is not compatible.

Solution: There are different types of RAM, DDR SDRAM and Rambus or more common and popular. Most of the mother board only support any one type of RAM but in many cases motherboards can support different types of RAMs but one type at a time. 

Every RAM has its own bus speed and every motherboard has its own specifications , therefore it is very import to know the right type of supported RAM. Before purchasing a new RAM is suggesst install a free app "CPU-Z" in your computer and run and check already installed RAM type and specifications and motherboard model and specification. Then write them on a paper and then go to store to take the compatible RAM. See the figure 3 to understand CPU-Z software and checking RAM with CPU-z Software.

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