I want to save my clients name and details in my contacts.

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I want to save my clients name and details in my contacts. I mean how can I choose a certain folder or location to save them in order to use them later. I am using outlook 2007.

How can o do this?

Is there any tips available for such kind of thing?

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I want to save my clients name and details in my contacts.


Hello Yah13,

In order for you to add your contacts in a specific folder, you need to add a distribution list. A distribution list is a collection of contacts. It provides an easy way to send e-mail messages to a group of people. A message sent to this distribution list goes to all recipients listed in the distribution list. You can include distribution lists in messages, task requests, meeting requests, and even in other distribution lists.

Create a distribution list by using names in the Address Book    

1.File menu, select New, then click Distribution List.

2.The Name box, type the name of your distribution list.

3.Go to Distribution List tab, click Select Members.

4.In Address Book drop-down list, click the address book that contains the e-mail addresses you want to include in your distribution list.

5.In Search box, type a name that you want to include. When the name you're searching for appears in the list below, click it, and then click Members.

6.Do this for each person whom you want to add to the list, then click OK.


Create a distribution list by copying names from an e-mail message    

1.In the message that you want to copy the names from, select names in the To or Cc box.

2.Right-click your selection, and then click Copy on the shortcut menu.

3.Click the Microsoft Office Button, and under Create New Outlook Item, click Distribution list.

4.On Distribution List tab, in Members group, click Select Members.

5.At the bottom of Select Members dialog box, in the Members box, right-click then click Paste on the shortcut menu.

6.Click OK.

7.In Name box, type a name for the distribution list.

8.On the Distribution List tab, in the Actions group, click Save & Close.

I hope these information is clear to you and was a big help.


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I want to save my clients name and details in my contacts.



It is good idea to save your contacts. First of all make any changes to you contacts if you so want. Then follow these steps.

* Go to File and click Import and Export.

* Go to Export to a file and export your contacts as windows comma separated file.

You can also save these contacts as MS Excel format. Now your contacts are saved and you can use them for any purpose in future. 

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