I want to get familiarized on Microsoft search risks

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Microsoft is part of almost everybody's life. And on the web, Microsoft search is often used. But how will I be assured of the safest for usage and that I wouldn't be encountering any problems or disputes about it. I, at least, hope to be hearing some good advice or response about this.

Thank you.

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I want to get familiarized on Microsoft search risks


Hello Larryiresto,

Microsoft Search Server (MSS) is an enterprise search platform from Microsoft based on the search capabilities of Microsoft Office Share Point Server. Zero day vulnerability is found to be alarming to those in IT profession due to the fear of unknown and an inability to fix the vulnerability which leaves users which leaves users and administrators defenseless.  The chances of getting malware infection via pirated software is a also a risk.

The following are safety rules in using a computer:

1. You must not save your login details.

2. Don't leave your computer unattended.

3. Erase your tracks by disabling the feature that stores your passwords and deleting  temporary internet files.

4. Make sure no one is looking as you type your passwords.

5. Do not type sensitive information. 

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