What is the difference net bios and host name?

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I just want to know the difference between host names and netbios name. 

And how do I assign hostname and netbios name for windows XP computers? 

Thanks a lot in advance.

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What is the difference net bios and host name?


Hello Jordan,

The Netbios or the Hostname are used to name the server, or the workstation, in a more straightforward manner. There are a lot of detail differences which you can check in links such as: http://www.tech-faq.com/understanding-netbios-name-resolution.html. This is a very good explanation.
You can change the Netbios, and the Hostname name by changing the name of the computer under My Computer, properties, computer name; it will take effect after you restart your computer.
But you should be careful about some details. I recommend you to have a look at this page in order to check if the solution I mention will indeed Worf flawlessly for your case.
It should.
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What is the difference net bios and host name?


Network Basic Input/Output System or NetBios allows applications to work and communicate between different computers using a local area network or LAN.

It was created by IBM and Microsoft adopted it. It is used for Ethernet and networking, however, it does not support it. It thus has two communication modes though.

One is called session and the other is a datagram.

Hostname on the other hand is the label assigned to a device that is connected to a computer network.

It is used to identify the device and may be simple consisting of a single word.

Hostname is also known as a domain name.  

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