I received the fatal error

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When I attempted to archive an app after installing Xcode 4 today I received the fatal error: file '/Users/Colin/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/xxx-cetiumwxozdafaelhbujogvottno/ArchiveIntermediates/xxx/BuildProductsPath/Ad Hoc-iphoneos/../../three20/Three20Network/TTURLRequest.h' modified since it was first processed.

I didn’t receive any errors while building the app for the simulator or choosing the iOS Device from Schemes List. An existing app is running the latest trunk version that worked well in Xcode 3. On the upgrade guide I have outlined the header search paths.

I’ve spent time on IRC but was unable to solve the problem. Google and Developer forums haven’t been able to help me either. Can you help me get this sorted?

Thanks for your help.

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I received the fatal error


Hello Helen,

If after you installed XCode you haven't been able to use it successfully even once, then it is more likely that the error that you are getting is because of the following reasons:

  • There might have been a problem that occurred during the installation of the application, and therefore to resolve the issue you will need to try and run the setup and again and see if that will help.
  • The setup you used could also be the one having the issues, and therefore to resolve the problem that you are getting, you will need to get another setup and use it for installation and see it will work.

Hope this helps.




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