I need tips on how to use Photoshop clone stamp tool

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Hi.  I’m a new user of Adobe Photoshop.  Can someone teach me a basic tutorial with the clone stamp tool in Photoshop?  I need to remove an object from a picture.  What are the other functions of the clone stamp tool?

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I need tips on how to use Photoshop clone stamp tool

Clone stamp tool acts not just allowing clowning from one pixel to hundreds but can also act like brush that can change the size of your image.
This is one basic tutorial on how to clone stamp in photoshop:
1. Open an image to your choice.
2. From the Toolbox, choose the Clone Stamp Tool.
3. In the Options bar, set the tool's tip size and hardness as we did it for the Brush Tool.
4. Point the cursor at the image area you want to paint with, hold down [Alt] key, then mouse-click. You have just selected the source point for cloning.
Paint with the copied pixels.
5. The "Aligned" gadget in the Options bar (checked by default) forces the source point to follow your mouse, even after you complete a stroke. In other words, every new stroke continues the image started by the first stroke.
6. Deselecting the "Aligned" option starts the sample point back to its original location every time you release the mouse button. That is, every new stroke re-starts cloning your image from the source point.
I hope this helps! 🙂
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I need tips on how to use Photoshop clone stamp tool



The Clone Stamp Tool is a retouching tool available in Adobe Photoshop which lets a user copy a certain area in the image and then pastes it over another area for the purpose of covering blemishes. I’ve already used it before to edit a photo of my nephew which is still a baby that time. The photo is really very cute because, of course, there is a baby in it and the only thing that bothers me is the baby’s saliva on the side of its mouth. Although it’s common for babies to have saliva drip but it really bugs me because it is very obvious in the picture.

I’m planning to upload it in Facebook so to make it a lot nicer I decided to retouch it and remove the saliva using Adobe Photoshop’s Clone Stamp Tool. The tool is really very easy to use. Open Adobe Photoshop then select the Clone Stamp Tool on the side toolbar. Before using it you need to select an area in the image first that will cover the part you want retouched. To start cloning you need to define an area first, press and hold the ALT key, select an area in the photo and then click it. After that, just click on the target area where you want to paste it.

This is the screenshot of the Clone Stamp Tool.

This is the screenshot after defining an area and pasting it over the target area.

You may also watch the video “How to use Photoshop clone stamp tool | tutorial by TechyV”


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