I need to know more about ‘DigitDia

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I would like to about the life of a ‘DigitDia’. I would also like to know how the life of ‘DigitDia’ can be prolonged. Does anyone know of any tactics that one can use in order to obtain high quality image in ‘Reflecta DigitDia’?

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I need to know more about ‘DigitDia


Hi Nicholas,

To be able to prolong the life of Digitdia you need to take care of it. The same way as one can prolong the average life of a car of 12 years by a good maintenance and care, this is also possible in the case of a magazine-scanner as the DigitDia. Let's start first with the problem of the dirt in the interior of the scanner. The slides that were kept for years or even decades in the magazine are dusty and even covered with a thick film of dirt. During the feeding of the scanner, the dust that is on the slides is dispersed by the movement and gets into the interior of the scanner.

There, it likes to set down on the LED light source, on the optical lenses or even on the CCD-sensor. The consequence is a slow decrease of the image quality. The cleaning of the framed KB-slides with compressed air is part of the obligatory preparations for the scanning. By the cleaning with compressed air, one gets either a better image quality as also a longer durability of the scanner.

I hope I enlightened you.


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