I need help extracting .tar.bz2

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I'm new to Linux; in fact, I started to use it before six months. So, I want help with extract command. I want to extract .tar.bz2 to a certain folder using a shell.  I'm using the command "tar -jxvf filename.tar.bz2" but it's not working for me. Can you help me with the code? Thanks

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I need help extracting .tar.bz2


Hi Ashley Morgan,

The command what you have tried is perfectly fine for extracting any *tar.bz2 files. You are getting error may be because you are at the wrong path. Please confirm the path where your *.tar.bz2 file is located and than try to run your program.

Let me give you brief idea about the command : 

-j : Is used to extract .bz files

-x : Is used to extract 

-v : Will print verbose 

-f : Is used for archive file 

So, whatever you are doing is correct and just double check the path of your file, go to that path and apply command.

Now, if you still get errors than try out below command that will help.

tar -jxvf filename.tar.bz2 -c dir_name


Sophia Raj

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