Problem playing High Definition Games

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Hello friends,

I am having a problem while playing High Definition Games like GTA 4, Battlefield 3. I am getting 10-12 fps which is too slow. I don’t have so much programs installed on my computer.

This is my computer configuration: 

Processor-AMD Phenom II x4 965(3.4Ghz)
Video Card-ATI Radeon HD 5450(1 Gb)
Screen size 1600*900. Please help.

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Problem playing High Definition Games


Hi Lewis Alberto,

It must be pretty annoying for you not to be able to run big hit games such as those two, and pretty frustrating for you to spend bucks of dollars on that kind of system which can’t even play any of those games. Although your system is worth the bucks of dollars, I would still say it is incomplete.

Well, it is about your video card. Your CPU and your RAM is already a beast in gaming; however, your video card does not match with your system. It does not mean it is not compatible but it is too low to be paired with your CPU.

I mean what’s keeping those games from playing is your video card.

Although it has a huge memory, it still is a low end video card. The memory is not the only thing you have to watch in a video card.

You must consider not only the memory but also its clock speed, shader, and pipeline. Well, just replace your video card with a new one, and remember to check the specs.

Refer to this link

Mathew Joni

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