I have Problems with my Connection Any help !

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Hi All,

Hello. I am having a problem with my Internet connection. I download stuff from the Internet quite a lot and it has been fine until I noticed that my download speed slowed down considerably. I tested it using Speed Test and it resulted to 0.8kbps when it should have a speed of around 80mbps. Whenever I try to download something whether through Google Chrome or Firefox, the download doesn’t finish. I hope you can help me figure this out. Thank you.

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I have Problems with my Connection Any help !


Hello Bryan Mike,

Is your mode of internet connection cable or wireless? If it is wireless then I will advice that you move to a hotspot which has the strongest signal for you to have the highest download speeds.

If is cable and it is a public network whereby there are other users on the network, then the network could be stuffed up by many downloads from the other users which are taking up a lot of bandwidth hence slowing download the download speed. But if it a personal network, you may just restart the router so as to refresh the network settings and see it the speed will improve.

Otherwise minimize on downloads in case you queued so many of them.


Mahesh Babu

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I have Problems with my Connection Any help !



When a sudden decreased of Internet connection, specially if the Internet connection slows down dramatically, you will definitely wondering what went wrong?

To isolate the problem, you'll need to do the basic troubleshooting for Internet connection. This is typical and being widely use by almost all Internet Service Provider as part of there troubleshooting.

Power off modem/router
Wait for a minute and power up modem
Need to wait for a minute then power up router
If no router connected then reboot your computer
Check your Internet speed if it improved

If not, call your ISP and let them reset the modem. Some Internet service provider has limitation of how many Gigabytes download is allowed. Verify this if they have this locked down period. If it does, then this is the main issue, negotiate with them on how to solve this problem.

Turn off or deactivate any downloading, screen sharing or any other Internet connection that requires download.

Do the trace route to check what is the main issue, it could be the Internet or computer for possible virus infections, because you download a lot.

Go to Start, Start Search
Type cmd and press enter
Type tracert https://www.website.com/
Press enter and observe the hops
If it time out before 6 hops
Then contact our ISP, this is a network problem
If it time out after 6 hops then there is something wrong on the computer
Run your Anti-virus and check for virus infections

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