I cannot see the software in add/remove programs

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I have checked my personal XP computer for some of the applications that are not necessary on my computer.

And, I have seen some that does not appear on my add/remove programs.

I have checked the software as well, and it does not contain any uninstallation pack.

How do I completely uninstall it?

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I cannot see the software in add/remove programs


Hello Dan,

Your query is not specific. You should have mentioned the software/package name in the query which would have enabled the solver to suggest a clear cut answer. Any how, for uninstalling a software which does not appear in Add or remove Programs, You may try out the following options.

1. There are many software's which may not write their files to the Windows registry. In case your software is of this type, you may directly delete the files from the corresponding folder. If you do not know where the original files are saved, you can search them by going through- Start- search- Type the Software Name and hit an enter will give you a list of files as per your search. Once the Windows give you a list of files with the similar names, You can choose the corresponding file or folder.

2. In case you are sure that the software writes its files to Windows registry, You can try a Google search using the keywords combination as- "Software Name Removal Tool" You may get some executables which can completely remove the software files and related files in the first page of Google itself. Try downloading the one which you find the best and run it. This will remove all the files you want to remove. In case the executable is an installable setup, try downloading it, install it and run the program to completely remove all the files related to the software.

3. Another option is to download the software – CCleaner from the website http://download.cnet.com/ccleaner/ . Install it and run the program. The software has options to remove any of the pre-installed files. Go to Tools- select the software to be removed- and click uninstall. This will remove all the content files related to the specific software.

4. Also check whether your login profile for Windows has administrator privileges. If you do not have administrator privileges, the Add/Remove programs may not allow you to uninstall a pre- installed program. If you don’t have the administrator privileges, you can try out from the administrator login or provide administrator privileges to your login id and re-try.

5. You can also try the following registry edit steps. Please note that the steps in the above web link include registry editing. Incorrect modification of the registry can cause serious errors. Hence, it is recommended to back-up the registry files before modification.

Please follow the steps in the web link:

Log in to the computer as the Administrator.
Click the Start button and click “Run” and type regedit and press Enter.
Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowscurrentversionUninstall, then expand the Uninstall list.
Locate the program which you want to uninstall, then click on it.

Double click the Uninstall String on the right panel, and copy the value data on the Edit String Popup window.
Click the Start button and click “Run” and type cmd and press Enter on the keyboard.
Paste the copied value data and press enter to execute it. The un-installation process will start.

Hope this helps.


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I cannot see the software in add/remove programs


Hello Dan

There are many software that do not require installation or also called a portable software that can still be functional on USB sticks or external hard drives. You can manually delete its file folder directly to its location. For best results, you can run some utilities like the CCleaner or Uniblue to clear the registry of the previous sessions of that software.

Most of these portable software versions are freewares that can be downloaded in the internet or copied and just need to run in any partition of your drive or external sources like USB or external hard drives without installation.


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I cannot see the software in add/remove programs



In this issue the program that you install doesn't appear in program files.

so you need to navigate the C:Documents and SettingsuserLocal SettingsApplication Data

and find the application their and you have to delete it. after that you go to "regedit"

find your application in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE

after software you can see the list of application you installed so delete that application.

And cheers application remove cleanly

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