Vsserv.exe keeping the CPU busy

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I have installed bitdeffender antivirus it worked nicely few days but now giving problem some files keep my processor busy so i cannot open anything i am so worried about it please help

The file is vsserv.exe please tell me how to get rid of it

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Vsserv.exe keeping the CPU busy



You cannot get rid of vsserv.exe since it is the virus scanning shield for Bitdefender. it is a critical part.

There are several reasons for this issue. You cannot end the process. You don't have proper access to do so.

However,you can stop the services after booting in to a safemode. But then it will not run.

  • You have a Virus or any other malware running 
  • You start a browser (especially IE)
  • Automatic Updates

If you have a malware running inside your PC but the scanner is unable to match it with the database, this will happen. The solution is to update the suite manually.

If you are running a web browser, this will start scanning the process and if it detects a malfunction of the browser (most of the time a browser which was not patched/updates, contains temp file which has suspected files inside it. You have to disable the Anti Phishing toolbar and do a complete cleanup of the browser and update it. Then configure the bitdefender suite and disable Identity, script and cookie control.  

Make sure "vulnerability" option do not indicate the browser as in a Risk. Go to "Antivirus" section and configure Custom Level. Untick Scan http Traffic. Click "OK". Then Update the suite manually, reboot and enable them back one by one.

Finally,this may have occurred because of an automatic Update Failure. If you know the update which caused the trouble, you can uninstall it. If it is not the case, then:

Disable Automatic Updates, Reboot into safe mode, rename the file httproxy.dll from BitDefender's install folder. Reboot and check the behavior again. You can rename it back to the old name later. Do a manual update or an Automatic Update after Disabling the Firewall. 

Additional things: This is not recommended though. If the Firewall detects any malfunction it will cause a similar problem. You can try disabling it for 5 mins. 



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Vsserv.exe keeping the CPU busy



It is better to remove that antivirus and install another one like Avira or McAfee or anything.in this antivirus the files are causing high load on the processor and in the future it may decrease the performance of your system,so better to change that software.



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Vsserv.exe keeping the CPU busy


Hello friend,

“vsserv.exe” this file is actually a kind of program which will continuously search for malware in your pc, also you cannot stop it just by going through task manager.

One thing you can do to speed up your pc and that is update it and run the bitdefender and scan the pc.

Than reboot your pc in safe mode and from there stop this process form task manager. But this time your pc will be unprotected.

I personally suggest you to find other anti-virus to protect your pc from virus and malware.

In this link you can find out almost all kind of information about vsserv.exe.

Thank you,

Riley weaver.

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