I want my computer to become trouble free computer

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I want my computer will be trouble free computer for long time. 

How to keep up my computer from trouble free for long time. 

Please tell me which step should I take or I want a step by step solution for this problem.

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I want my computer to become trouble free computer


Hello Mamun,

For keeping your computer safe please follow the steps below:

  1. You have to start your computer and shut down your computer properly. For proper shut down your computer you need to go to Start Menu and from there select shut down.
  2. You can install Norton or Kaspersky antivirus for keep your computer virus free. Virus makes your computer slow and it destroy hard disk capacity. It is better to use antivirus.
  3. Please when you use pen drive or other device by USB port, scan it properly. Because it may effected by virus which is very harmful for your computer.
  4. Do not install or download software from general website.
  5. Always scan your computer properly.

By doing all these steps I am sure that you can keep your computer safe as long you want.

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I want my computer to become trouble free computer


It is a easy task to maintain your computer mostly computers are now designed to fight the environmental problems and they are less prone to errors but different errors come with life and you need to face the same is the case with computer you cannot say that nothing will happen with it in past few days or in past few years. The things are always changing with time and nothing is constant.

So I will ask you to don't worry about it and keep running it when a problem come consult here and we will solve your problem.

  • Secondly if you need to find some basic ideas to maintain your computer then you can also follow this:
  • Install only the Antivirus if you are using network on daily basis and your job is to install different programs from net.
  • Keep your Antivirus up to date.
  • Clean your PC every day on regular basis so that no dust infect it.
  • Clean it at every Sunday from top to down left to right and from bottom to top. I mean clean the whole computer every weekend.
  • Run regularly Antivirus scans to make sure there is no virus in your computer.
  • For screen of your PC run a screen saver of two to three minutes daily it will increase the performance of it.

I hope this will help you a lot.

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