I can’t install windows 8 on bootable raid

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Hello there,

I need to install Windows on my RAID but it always failed with an error stated below:

'We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files.' 

Then I tried to perform the DISK PART command. It still failed. I even removed the RAID on my computer and install Windows XP, 7 and 8. All these just throws an error. I used Western Digital Hard Drive Tool to remove all the data on my partitions. Then I removed my 1GB RAM and left my 4GB RAM on it. It still failed. I really don't know what's missing. By the way, my computer has ASUS P6T SE Motherboard with i7 920 processor. 4 128GB OCS SSD, 16GB of Server Grade DDR RAM Clock at 1333 and 2 ATI 7950 cards and 1000 watts Power Supply Unit.


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I can’t install windows 8 on bootable raid


I don't think there is any problem with hard drives, mother board or raid.

You just need to have 'RAID controller card driver' for you RAID while you are performing new installation to format the drives for raid utilization.

Follow these steps and you should be able to see not just the disks and partitions but install windows of your choice:

  • Make sure you got the right set of 'RAID controller card driver' from manufacturer's web site, copy it in a USB drive
  • Attach both USB with 'RAID controller card driver and 'windows installation media', to the system
  • Boot your pc, go to 'Partition screen'
  • Click on 'Load Driver' or 'Have Driver'
  • Locate the driver from USB drive

And you should be able to see your RAID to do what you need.

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I can’t install windows 8 on bootable raid



It seems like you are trying to install Windows using any USB drive. USB drives are now very much available and giving Windows setup through this is the fastest way to install Windows.

For this purpose, you need to use an ISO of the CD/DVD. Download Burnware. Its free edition is enough for this task.

1. Start Burnware Free edition.

2. Click on “Copy to Image”.

3. From the “Source” box, select optical disc drive.

4. Click “Browse…”

5. Insert the setup CD/DVD.

6. Click “Copy”.

7. After ISO is created, click OK.

Then, download a super tool named WiNToBootic. Download it from here.

From the main window, you will understand everything clearly.

1. Connect your USB flash drive.

2. Click on the down arrow icon.

3. Browse and select the ISO created.

4. Check “Quick Format”.

5. Then, click “Do it”.

6. After the process is finished, click “Thanks”.

Then, boot your PC and try to install your Windows now.

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