HP Solution Center scan error

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The following Software error is appearing when I try to scan using the Solution Center. 1 page at a time, however I can scan using the device utility. I have more than enough pc resources on my Windows 7 64 bits system. To scan several pages at a time is what I really need to be able to use the software. Help is needed please. I have un-installed & re-installed a dozen times or so and also called HP support. No result so far. Even use the scrubber tool and no results.

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HP Solution Center scan error


Try this – perhaps it's on the printer aspect.

No snickers!  These have worked on behalf of me when nothing else has done so!
This is an equivalent reasonably fix as reaching in and hand-moving the cartridges once they stick – it will work!  
See if there's the equivalent of a RESET within the printer menu…
If not – or maybe if there's, since everything is such a multitude at now…
Unplug the printer.  Leave it off for a short time – a few of minutes.
Plug it back in and switch it on.
Run diagnostics from the Printer menu on the front of the machine…
Change the cartridges – or amendment them out and place them back in.  
(Yeah, I know, it is the software that's tousled, right? …sometimes printers are dumb – even today's printers – it cannot hurt at now.)
Consider this:
Power supply on the printer aspect – Power strip?  Replace it.  Yes.
Wall? check the voltage.
HP won't jump in and save us – we tend to is also on our own.
You can also try this:
Maybe you have got a corrupted dll library. to repair it take away the USB cable from the HP and power it on.
Now take away all the HP and re-install all over again. you may re-connect the USB solely when the program asks you and not before.
Let it end setup and REBOOT. Windows can advise that it found new hardware. Now, if you're using Photoshop or Core, (which I suggest), go within the file menu and choose TWAIN.
Select Acquire and select your scanner from there. it'll work fine. Or if you employ HP resolution Center, it ought to work additionally though, I personally like using TWAIN Generic driver in Photoshop.
I do hope this helps.
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HP Solution Center scan error


Dear Pat,

I could tell you a little different solution instead of solving the HP Technical error.

Follow this if you want to scan on just one side of page –

1. Take scan of first page,

2. Take the scanned document out of scanner,

3. A window will appear asking you to “Save”, “Add page” or “Edit”,

4. Click on “Add Page” and enter the second document to scan

5. Do this till scan of all documents ends or

Follow this if you want to scan on both sides of pages –

1. Take scan of first page,

2. A window will appear asking you to “Save”, “Add page” or “Edit”,

3. Click on “Add Page” and reverse the 1st scanned document

4. Scan second page,

5. Take out the scanned document,

6. Scan third page

7. Follow point number 2 to 5 again,

8. Do this till scan of all documents.

You will be happy!

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