Hp Laptop Overheating Problem Help Please

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Hi guys,

My laptop model is HP DV6,it's generating lots of heat when using,in-built cooling fan is working fine,

is there any way to minimize this heat problem?

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Hp Laptop Overheating Problem Help Please


Solutions for Overheating:

  1. Clean air vents and check if air fan is working or not.
  2. Use some software and then check if your fan is working at right speed
  3. Do not use your notebook/Laptop on surface that block air vents.
  4. Try updating BIOS (if you know how to do this)
  5. Thermal pads might be burnt try replacing them with new one.
  6. there might be some fault with the hardware get it checked with professional expert
  7. Most of all you can use a cooling pad to reduce the overheating


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Hp Laptop Overheating Problem Help Please


The laptop is designed to be able to handle the heat being generated by the computer.

If it is unable to handle the heat that means there may be a problem with the heatsink and fan assembly or it may need some thermal compound to be able to transfer heat better.

Try and call the manufacturer’s technical support department so that they can walk you through running diagnostics.

Also make sure the air vents are not obstructed and you are not in a room that is hot and has poor air circulation.

This should help the laptop get rid of the heat better.

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