How can i make my netbook faster?

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I have a Samsung nc110 notebook but it is very slow. When trying to watch a movie on Netflix it further slows down.

What is there to be done to make it faster?

Also it is running on a 32 bit OS. If I upgrade it to a 64-bit OS, what improvements can I see?

They say that upgrading the RAM from 1 GB to 2 GB will make it fast, but I don’t know what shall I get by upgrading RAM.

Any advice on any other means?

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How can i make my netbook faster?


Dear Jonekane

Watching movies smoothly on internet first depend upon your internet connection speed and movie server speed then it’s depending on your system hardware.

For getting higher performance from your notebook Samsung nc110, you should upgrade your 32-bit system to 64-bit system. Upgrade your 1 GB Ram from 2 GB Ram. More Ram give you more speed. Run System Defrag and Scandisk weekly on your system for better performance.

Take Care


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How can i make my netbook faster?

  • To make your laptop give best performance you should optimize your laptop setting.
  • You can use third party software like TuneupUtilities 2011  for optimize setting from the which configuration you have now. Otherwise you can optimize it manually. You can stop those services which are not useful for you.
  • you can get services list form Press Windows Key+R  then type services.msc you will got all services list which are currently running on your machine.
  • For getting best performance you can increase virtual Memory of your PC it can help you enhance your performance. To Set up virtual memory Right Click on
  • My Computer > Properties > Advance System Settings > Advanced > Performance > Settings > Advanced > Virtual Memory > settings
  • Then chose how much disk space of which drive you want to give for virtual memory. This is for WIN7 .WinXp is about similar for virtual memory.
  • Your performance will enhance when you add extra RAM .When computer process some data it comes to processor through RAM .If you add extra RAM your System will be more faster. If you use 64 bit Operating system it will also give you better  performance .
  • For good internet experience you must need a good internet connection with high bandwidth otherwise you will not trying to watch a movie on netflix .
  • Your flash player or which player you are going to see the movie will buffer the video stream and then you will see .
  • Thanks. I Think you will get your answer.
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How can i make my netbook faster?

  • You can upgrade to 64 bit operating system only if your system allows you to do that but if you upgrade it, this will help you increasing your performance. You can load your system fast by changing some setting in your msconfig file by the following method
  • Start > Run > msconfig
  • In General Tab select Selective Start Up and just check the load system services and load startup items
  • Now go to Startup tab and uncheck all unnecessary items that load at system startup. This will help your system load faster.
  • Now to work faster your system, Change the windows theme to classic and double your virtual memory from your RAM. like if your RAM is 256 MB , change the virtual memory to 512 MB. Disable all system sounds from Control Panel > Sounds . Change your system performance setting to best performance by doing this 
  • My Computer > Properties > Advanced Tab 
  • In Performance Area Click Setting and in visual effects tab select Adjust for best performance. Save it. Virtual Memory can be adjusted in Advanced Tab of Performance.
  • There are many registry tips to make your windows look like faster. But i am sure you will not need to do that after these.
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How can i make my netbook faster?


Hello Jonekane2011,

Thanks for posting your query here. I am glad that you have come to the right site that hopes to help you with your problem. Your problem maybe cause by many files you store on your notebook this may cause your notebook run slow and will result to lags. Here are some tips on how to upgrade your notebook:

1. Insert a better battery.

2. Upgrade the operating system.

3. Rearrange the keyboard.

I hope this will help you.


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