How Zimbra will set up the mailboxes?

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I have ZCS version 6.0.13 that runs on Ubuntu 8.4 that I would like to set up to validate against a list of Active Directory users on another Windows server. I have read the Zimbra wiki and understand how to configure this, but I’m worried about how Zimbra will set up the mailboxes. Most of my users’ mailboxes are now in Zimbra, and I want existing users to keep their original mails. Will their mailboxes be affected if I setup an external authentication with Active Directory?

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How Zimbra will set up the mailboxes?


Hallo Carolyne Tyler,

First I should correct you that the task of setting up the mailboxes will not be carried out by the zimbra mail server client but you are the one to set up the mail boxes. So I do not think setting up an external authentication will affect the mailboxes that you would have setup in any way, since the purpose of the authentication is just to ensure that the right people gain access to the mail boxes, and there no way that is supposed to affect the mailboxes.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu


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