Want to Deactivate FaceBook Timeline

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I have activated Facebook Timeline with very interest.

But Now I am feeling bored with this.

I want to get rid of this.

I want to get back my old profile style.

How it is possible ?

I am using Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Can anybody please help me regarding this ??

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Want to Deactivate FaceBook Timeline


Hey Ar. Sobuj!

Facebook Timeline is headache for everyone. You can Google and search many methods to deactivate the Facebook Timeline. But infect none of those methods will work.

Facebook time line is now publicly launched. Those profiles which are changed into Facebook Timeline cannot be change back to normal profile. Those people who had change their profiles to Facebook TimeLine before its publicly launch, could change it to the normal view. But now it's publicly launched.

Now all of us have to bear this Timeline

Hope so with the passage of time we will get used to, to the Facebook Timeline


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Want to Deactivate FaceBook Timeline


Hi , Ar hope the following steps will guide you in fixing of this issue.

  • Timeline in Facebook is a rocking new style in these days and it can be added easily and also can be removed easily from the Facebook only no need to search anywhere.
  • Timeline is used mainly to know how much time we have wasted by spending unwanted time in the Facebook with friends and applications.
  • Open your Facebook account by logging in and in search box you enter timeline and more will be displayed but click on the application and the thumbnail will be of Facebook.
  • If you open the Timeline application then there will be an option for removing the Facebook timeline in which it is automatically reverts to old look.
  • In the settings itself there are many properties check those properties once and the timeline will be successfully removed from your Facebook account.
Thank you 🙂
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Want to Deactivate FaceBook Timeline


Following steps surely help you to Deactivate Facebook Timeline-

1. Login to your Facebook profile

2. Go to Facebook developer page: www.facebook.com

3. While activating the new Facebook timeline feature one  app  created  and you have to select that application from menu 
4. From top right click “Edit App” 
5. Select “Delete app” from left menu of  edit app page, 
6.Confirm delete

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