How to watch tv on pc?

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I know that we can make pc to watch tv. I am not talking about watching it online but I am talking about using cable to watch

tv on pc.What changes should I make on my pc so that I could watch tv on my pc?

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How to watch tv on pc?


Hi Thomas

Yes you can watch TV using your pc by buying TV tuner card: this is used to receive TV signals and display received transmission on the screen through a coaxial cable connecter.

There are two kinds of TV tuner cards

1.   Digital TV tuner card: it function by broadcasting an MPEG stream and no encoding device are needed however it helps in the extraction of the PIDs from a transport stream which doesn’t require much processing.

2.   Analog TV card: it has the input capabilities for composite videos or S-videos still can receive FM radio. However thy are capable of encoding tuner data into MPEG format.

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How to watch tv on pc?



Hello dear,

If you do not want to watch TV online, you have to get a TV Tuner Card. This picture there is a TV Tuner Card.

You can control this card via remote. Using this card, you can watch cable TV and more. You can also record on your computer, and capture a VCR Tape to your computer easily. In fact, this little card has a thousand features in it. You will enjoy it. Thanks.

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