How to Use Audio Mapping Windows 7?

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Hello Experts!

Help please! I’m having difficulty in using audio mapping Windows 7. I’m not really familiar with the technicalities or troubleshooting of Windows 7. I’m not even sure where to start. If anyone can provide the step by step procedures, it will be a great help.

Anyone please help. Thanks.

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How to Use Audio Mapping Windows 7?


You have to follow some easy steps for the audio mapping using the Windows Media Player. You can set Windows Media Player to a different audio output.

  1. Go to "Tools" and access options
  2. Then access the Devices Tab
  3. Then select speakers and push Properties button.

You must have two different programs to access two separate audio outputs but at least one can define the audio outputs. I hope it will enough to resolve your problem.

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How to Use Audio Mapping Windows 7?


Hi Kelly, follow this step by step procedure to optimize your PC for audio on Windows 7:

1. Set your pc’s power to high performance. If you are trying to conserve energy, your CPU cannot attain its full speed and this can be bad for your pc’s audio performance.

2. Disable your system audio because it can interrupt audio.

3. Ensure that your DMA is enabled because it will allow data to be transferred into the memory and this can improve audio performance.

4. Set to “Background services” your processor scheduling.

5. Disable all your anti-virus and windows firewall software.

You can also disable your visual effects and windows services for advance optimization.

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How to Use Audio Mapping Windows 7?


Hello Kelly,

It looks like you are having a difficulty using audio mapping in Windows 7. If you want to do audio mapping using Windows Media Player then you have to follow a few simple steps. I have listed the steps for you as follows

1. First, set your PC to high performance mode and don't try to keep it in energy conserving mode.

2. Next disable your existing system audio.

3. Don't forget to enable your DMA because it will allow data transfer to memory which will improve audio performance.

4. Disable your anti virus and windows firewall.

5. Go to Tools and access devices tab and select speakers.

I believe following these steps can increase your PCs audio performance to some extent.

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