How to try out Linux OS along side Windows?

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I am curious to try out Linux OS on my PC. Can an expert please guide me on how I can test drive Linux online as a web application, without first making any changes to my existing setup? How long will I be able to run that test drive?

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How to try out Linux OS along side Windows?


Hi Adamswhitley,

I have the solution for your question.The simplest way to try Linux on the Windows Desktop is within your web Browser like IE, Chrome, Mozilla or safari.

  1. Login to Linux with windows site
  2. Fill in the simple form and within 1 minute, you will have a full version of Ubuntu Linux Setup and run on your windows desktop within a Java Applet.
  3. You do not even have to download or install any stuff on your computer and one single session can end up in two hours. You can access all the features available on the Desktop in Standard editions of Ubuntu Linux and will also be able to download and install new packs from the Linux repository.
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How to try out Linux OS along side Windows?


Hi Adams,

Fortunately, you can do Linux test drive before installing Linux Operating System on your machine. By doing the test drive, these will not affect the system on your computer. It will not change, damage or corrupt any application and program on the system. The Linux test drive can be done in 4 ways.

1. Via Live CD – You should put the Linux Distribution CD such as Ubuntu into the CD-ROM to make it bootable and use it as a Linux Test Drive.

2. Via Live USB – You should plug the USB containing the Linux Distribution such as Ubuntu to run the OS.

3. Via Wubi – You can run Ubuntu as a program on Windows.

4. Via Virtualization – You should use Virtual Machine such as Virtual Box to have a separate system where you can run Ubuntu.

Furthermore, you can’t implement Linux test drive on a web application because it should be run on your machine. Lastly, the Linux test drive can be done only in a matter of 60 seconds. Fore more detailed information kindly click the link below.

4 Ways to Test Drive Linux – This link will guide you through the tutorial which discuss the 4 ways on how to Test Drive Linux in the machine.

Ubuntu Linux Test Drive Video Tutorial – This link will guide you through the video tutorial on how to test drive Ubuntu Linux.


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