How To Trace Ip Address Of Email. Anyone Knows?

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How can I trace from where did I get an e-mail. Does anyone know how do I trace ip address of email?

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How To Trace Ip Address Of Email. Anyone Knows?


The answer to your question is simple, just follow the instructions.

  1. Locate the header of your email

( Open the Message and click on the down arrow which is near the Reply link, select Show Original to open the header.

Open the email which you want to locate and go to it’s header.)

(Different links are available on the below-mentioned link to find other email provider’s header.)

  1. Copy the header and paste it into the Trace Email Analyzer box.(You can find the link at the end)

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How To Trace Ip Address Of Email. Anyone Knows?


Tracking down the IP address of the person who sent you an email is easy. This is very helpful if you want to track down the IP address of an unknown email message. Go to Email Tracking to trace the IP address of the email message. To track the IP address of the message, you need to get the email header of the message.

If you are using Mozilla Thunderbird, you can get the full header of the email message by selecting “View Source”. In Mozilla Thunderbird, click an email message to open it. In the message panel, click “More” then select “View Source”.

Mozilla Thunderbird view mail header

The email header looks something like this.

Email header sample

Select the entire email header then press CTRL + C to copy it. Going back to the Email Tracking page, scroll down and paste it on the text field under “To trace an email using a header, copy and paste the email header below”. Once the header is on the text box, click “Trace Email Sender”.

Trace email sender

Wait until the processing is complete and you should get something like this.

Tracked IP address from email message

And there’s the sender’s IP address together with other information like country of origin, state, geographical location, ISP, and other information. It also shows you the date and time the message was sent.

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