How to Clone Virtual Machine on VMware ESXi

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Hi, my name is Sundaram. I am from Andhra Pradesh. I want to clone a virtual machine using a clone virtual machine VMware. Please suggest something.


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How to Clone Virtual Machine on VMware ESXi


To clone a virtual machine on VMware ESXi host, you have to copy all the *.vmdk and *.vmx files.


  • Log in to your ESXi host.
  • Open the folder which you use to store virtual machines.
  • Follow the steps to open the datastore.
    1. Select the hostname/IP address of the VMware ESXi host.
    2. And go to Configuration > Storage.
    3. Right-click on datastore
    4. Click on browse datastore.
  • Create the catalog for the new virtual machine clone.
  • Shut down the virtual machine which you want to duplicate.
  • Open the inventory storage of the virtual machine which you want to clone.
  • Choose, and copy the files *.vmdk and *.vmx.
  • Open the inventory of the new virtual machine.
  • Paste the copied file in the directory.
  • Register the cloned virtual machine after the copying is done.
  • Click Add to Inventory option that lies right on the .vmx file.
  • Give a name to the Cloned virtual machine.
  • Select the resource pool on which you want to run the virtual machine.
  • To achieve the creation of a cloned virtual machine Click Finish.
  • Power on your cloned VM.



As we have copied please select I Copied It. And then Press Ok to run your cloned virtual machine.


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