How to restore lock software for Symbian mobile c7?

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Hi. I download and installed lock software mazelock and applied number pad lock. Unfortunately I am confused what was the number code. I tried the different code but failed. There is any way to bypass this lock software for Symbian mobile c7?

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How to restore lock software for Symbian mobile c7?


Mazelock is a unique lock system. When you try to unlock a phone with it, you must press rows or columns of buttons, which you pre-set. If you fail to press the correct buttons, you will be prompted for a number code to unlock the phone.

When you are facing this type of problem, first you must unlock the phone using Mazelock. Then, try to uninstall the Mazelock application. If this does not work, follow these steps:

1. Go to Menu.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Choose Settings again.

4. Next, go to “General”

5. Open the Factory Settings and press “OK”.

6. Enter your iPhone’s password.

7. Wait for a moment, then restart your phone.

8. Your phone should work properly.

Keep in mind, when you use the factory settings, you must copy your important data and files to a memory card, otherwise, you will lose them.


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