How to Stop Capitalization in PowerPoint?

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What are the steps to do when I like to stop Automatic Capitalization in PowerPoint 2007?

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How to Stop Capitalization in PowerPoint?



That is the feature of Microsoft Office, actually that is the main default setting in all programs in it and it is categorized by Auto Correct. But there is some way that this can’t be happened by containing the words or letters in numbering or bulletin but of course it only happened when you are working on words, letters, notes etc. because you can type it weather in capitalize or not 70.

It is very easy and simple when you want to change any auto correct feature of PowerPoint. And these are the steps:

1. In the left side corner of the PowerPoint screen click “Office button”.

2. In the bottom of the window screen click “PowerPoint Options”

3. You can see in the options list “Proofing”, select it.

4. Click “Auto Correct” Option button.

5. Click the check mark “Capitalize first letter of sentences” In the options list to make it uncheck.            

6. Then Click OK button

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How to Stop Capitalization in PowerPoint?

It is quite an easy fix to change this setting in the Automatic Capitalization (Auto Correct) feature of PowerPoint 2007.
Follow the Steps:
1) Click the Office button in the top left corner of the screen.
2) Click the PowerPoint Options button in the bottom of the window.
3) Select Proofing in the list of options.
4) Click the AutoCorrect Options button.
5) Remove the check mark from the option Capitalize first letter of sentences.
6) Click the OK button.
That's it. From now on, any new line of text will not be "corrected" to begin with a capital letter.
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How to Stop Capitalization in PowerPoint?


Actually Capitalization is very important in PowerPoint. We stop Capitalization for our personal purposes.

If we want to stop Capitalization Firstly, we have to open PowerPoint because without open we can't solve it. So, open the PowerPoint and try to stop Capitalization by following this term. I think it will easy for us if we understand well. Click the office bar from PowerPoint after that click PowerPoint Option's.

After click PowerPoint Option's we get some option. we have to select Proofing tab, when we click Proofing tab we get AutoCorrect Option's and a box will of here.

From that box Click the AutoCorrect tab and withdraw mark from Capital first letter of sentences, click OK and again click OK to return to PowerPoint. I think we can solve our Capitalization problem by following this term.

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How to Stop Capitalization in PowerPoint?



One of the cool technique of Office 2007 is the automatic capitalization of words in necessary places. Pay a visit this Techyv link too to get more helpful information regarding on this issue.

Automatic Capitalization in PowerPoint 2007

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