How to capture PowerPoint audio or narration in PowerPoint 2010?

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I have a PowerPoint presentation and I want to capture PowerPoint audio from that presentation. Is there a possibility to capture audio from the presentation?

I’m using PowerPoint 2010 to view presentations on my system.

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How to capture PowerPoint audio or narration in PowerPoint 2010?


Step 1: Open PowerPoint and then open the presentation with the audio you need to extract.

Step 2: Press the Office button and select Save As > Other Formats.

Step 3: Select Web Page from the Save as type drop-down menu and click on Save.

Step 4: A new folder with the name filename_files and an html file along with it will be output. You will find the audio files of the PowerPoint in that folder.

Hope this works out for you.

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How to capture PowerPoint audio or narration in PowerPoint 2010?


In order to retrieve the sound files from a power point presentation.

At first the slide shows have to convert to HTML format and HTML format extract all objects that are embedded.

>>All the individual parts will be retrieved by power point and placed them in a new folder.

In order to retrieve the file you should follow the following instruction:

First Process – Firstly rename your PowerPoint file

Upper case or lower case letters can be used.

  • Plan the route of folder which have the PowerPoint file.

(Finished file show extension.PPSX) while

(Working file show Extension.PPTX)

  • Right Click on the power point File.
  • Search renames from the shortcut menu.
  • Then Click at the end of the file name and Type.ZIP and press enter key. A precautionary note will appear showing you that file might become unstable. Then click Yes to accept the change.
  • Then the file will be renamed to MYSHOW.PPSX.ZIP

Second Process – Accessing the Sound files:

  • Double click on Newly named file – – MYSHOW.PPSX.ZIP
  • Double click on the ppt folder.
  • Double click on the media folder. Then you will see a list of all sound files and any image files which were contained the PowerPoint show.
  • Right click on the sound file that you intended and choose copy.
  • Navigate to the folder where you want to save a copy of the sound file. Once there, right click and choose paste.
  • The new file is now ready to use in another presentation.

Final Process – Rename the .ZIP file back to its original File name:

  • Click right button On MYSHOW.PPSX.ZIP and select rename from the shortcut Menu.
  • Delete .ZIP from the File name.
  • Once again a precautionary Note will appear and indicate that the file may become unstable. Accept this Change.
  • The file name is now back to MYSHOW.PPSX and can now be opened as before, as a PowerPoint Show.

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