How to solve video error?

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Hello every body,

I have got a new sort of problem on my desktop hard disk. I have a (*.vob) file on a drive of my hard disk which is very important for me. It was video file. I do not have any backup of that file.

At the first time when I copied it from a flash drive, it was quite well. Some days ago, when I played that file it was not running to its full duration. It began to stop when it reaches at 2 min 41 seconds. I tried several types of video players. Such as- VLC, GOM, Winamp, REALONE, etc. But it wasn’t running after reaching on that duration. After some time my PC began to freeze when I was trying to play that video. This is a new sort of hang.

Any key was not working. When I pressed ( Ctrl+Alt+Del ) to run the task manager so that I could end the player. But it did not work. Then I pushed the reset button on the CPU box to restart the system. The video was really valuable for me that is why I tried to make a copy of this video file. But when I tried to copy this file on a flash drive, the system began to hang again and again. That’s why I could not touch the video file anymore.

I could not do anything to this file. My Hard disk is new and it’s a Samsung hard disk. I made total three partitions on this hard disk ( C: D: E : ). The problem is on D: drive. I have run the disk defragment on every drives. But I got same result. Am I going to lost this video for ever?

I am really in need of help? Is there any way to get my video back?

Thank you all.

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How to solve video error?


Hi Leeice,

VOB (also known as Video Object container file for DVD) file corruption occurs when the media player used to open it freezes while the file is open in memory. The freeze also affects the operating system most of the time.

Possible causes of file corruption lie in missing header information or data, bad sectors on the physical partition, virus, software errors, or human error. Recovering a damaged or corrupt .vob file will need some specialized applications.

  • Use VideoRedo’s Click Here Quick stream fix” to re-arrange the time stamps in the .vob file output. It is very similar to video from satellite feeds which are out of sync. The incomplete “playing .vob file” can be read by the tool until it reaches the error point where it can no longer read, skips that error frame, and commences to complete the save. A video will then be created with skipped frames for those errors scanned. They may be a few or several, depending on the degree of damage to the .vob file.
  • You may also want to try out CD Roller Click Here Which can retrieve and extract corrupt .vob files for conversion to mpeg format. Just use the wizard to scan for the file you want recovered, choose an option to convert to .mpeg or write to DVD disk, and it does the rest for you.
  • Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier Click Here Has the ability to recover readable file sectors from damaged or corrupt .vob files and attempts to piece them together for viewing. It includes .vob files from disks that have frozen the system during playback.
  • Using a demultiplexer, such as PGEnc's MPEG Tools Click Here One can easily extract video and audio streams from the damaged .vob files, edit them to fix the headers, and correct the bad parts on the video stream. Another tool that does the same tasks is called VobEdit Click Here  Which also has the capability to repair bad .vob files by demuxing and joining them.
  • An issue with the mpeg2 codec within windows can cause the operating system freeze you described. Please run System File Checker by entering “sfc /scannow” without the quotes on the “run” box to correct inconsistencies in your system files.
  • Grab All Media Fixer Click Here browse to your damaged .vob file, click on the media player icon, and the app does the repair for you. All it takes is one click.
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How to solve video error?


If there is any virus infection in your computer these kinds of errors can occur. Nowadays there are many viruses which damage windows media system.

Although VOB files normally do not play in many Players, these files greatly play in Cyber Link PowerDVD player. Try that player also.

If the problem remains again I think you have to reinstall your system.

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How to solve video error?


Hello Dear,

Thanks that you have shared your problem with us.

Dear it seems that your video driver has been crashed. You should have to re install your driver for better results.

Here i am giving you a link of driver's website.

Go to

It will provide a software Driver Identifier, download it and install it. It will scan your computer for drivers and will redirect you to drivers download page.

Download it and install it and enjoy.


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