How to Show hidden files or folder when virus infected

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Hi Experts,

I have a problem. I am tired of all the viruses that affect my pendrive and hide themselves, so that I cannot delete them. If you have the solution to this problem please tell me the solution.

Thank you.

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How to Show hidden files or folder when virus infected


Hey hiee,

There are some virus variants which do hide themselves and much more data from you USB flash drive. But the major problem occurs when virus eliminates, “folder options “ to enable hidden files to be visible and sometimes it just won't work.

There is one command which will definitely help you to make them visible. So you can delete them by right clicking or else delete them in command prompt.

  • Click run > type “cmd”;
  • In command prompt first find drive letter of pendrive or local drive for eg. G,D,C etc'
  • Then type attrib -s -h /s /d *.*

Keep spaces between commands and after hitting Enter wait a few seconds, your data will be unhidden.

attrib -s -h /s /d *.*
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How to Show hidden files or folder when virus infected



This is a commend problem. I think you are working with the windows environment.

The first opinion that I can give you is get a good virus guard or tries to use open source operating system.

I usually use Ubuntu with my windows operating system and I us use the Ubuntu to open the USB drive when it use after connect it to another machine.   

So for your problem go to the folder and search option in the pen drive and select View tab. In that disable the option “Hide protected operating system files “only for the pen dive.

Then you can see all the files in it.

Then do whatever you want and after than remember to enable the option again.  

Thank you.

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How to Show hidden files or folder when virus infected


Hi anonymous,

While on C drive select Organize,then Folder and search options.

Scan Local disk C

Then on View Tab select show hidden  files.

Floder option

Next  Uncheck Hide protected Operating Systems files(Recommended).

Click YES for any alert or warning.

Folder option - view

Your files will appear on pendrive.

Recreate new folders with similar names then transfer files to new folders and delete the old ones.

After that Go back to the same procedure and Select Do not show hidden files and also check Hide protected Operating system files(recommended).

In Linux is another story.


If you are on windows you need to run the following commands in cmd prompt,assume that you have a drive called F:

cdf: attribute -h -a -r /s /d f:*.*

Then press enter,

Remember -h removes hidden files attributes

-r is for read only etc

Remember that there is a space between attribute and -h,then space to -a like that.

Thanks hope it assists you.

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How to Show hidden files or folder when virus infected


If you think your USB flash drive is infected or is already infected, there are times the virus changes the attribute of the files and folders and hides them making the flash drive look empty or replacing the original contents with dummy ones indicated by odd extension names.

In this case, if you want to see the hidden files and folders on the flash drive, you can simply use Windows Explorer. Start Windows Explorer then click “Tools” and then “Folder Options.” In Folder Options window, go to “View” tab then under “Hidden files and folders” section, select “Show hidden files and folders.” Click “OK” then see if it works.

This will now allow you to view all hidden files and folders on the drive. If the drive is indeed infected, unhiding the files and folders by changing their attributes is not the answer. Update your antivirus or internet security then scan your USB flash drive. Once the drive is clean, you may now safely unhide the files and folders by restoring their individual attribute.

To unhide the file or folder, right-click on the file or folder and select “Properties.” In the Properties window, in “General” tab, uncheck “Hidden” then click “OK.”

Change the attribute to unhide the file
Change the attribute to unhide the file

You need to do this on every item on the root of the drive.

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