How should I know if my router malfunctioned?

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I have a router called Edimax. I can't connect to the internet to I decided to disconnect it and then reset it. However, when I did this procedure, I can no longer connect to the internet and I can't see the WAN light turned on even if I connected my modem to its WAN port. So I went to the store to have it fixed but when they tried to connect it using their internet connection, it was working OK. 

When I got back home, I decided to try it on my own connection but still no use. Was it because my router has malfunctioned and needs fixing or it has something to do with my PC? 


Please help me. I  need my router.

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How should I know if my router malfunctioned?


Hi Archprince.

If your router is working fine on the store it means there is nothing wrong with the router.

There might be a problem at your ISP end or may be disconnection due to Non-payment of bills. Or it might be the IP setting on your PC.

1. Check your IP settings

2. Otherwise contact your service provider



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How should I know if my router malfunctioned?


When doing a reset of the modem, it will set back the settings to it's original state or factory default.

An Internet modem is working because it uses the correct Internet protocol. It was configure to work with either PPPOE, DHCP or Static IP address depending on what type of Internet protocol your ISP is using.

Call your ISP provider and let them walk thru on how to set back router's configuration the way it was. If it's on PPOE, then you'll need to reconfigure the settings by re-entering the log-in credentials.

If it's on DHCP, let them reset the modem for you to refresh the modem's internal settings. The same applies for Static IP address. 

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How should I know if my router malfunctioned?





Edimax has many models of routers. Knowing the exact model that you are using would have helped me answer perfectly, yet I will try to find a solution for you. 

The first and the easiest option that comes to my mind is to try to rest your Edimax router. There should be one reset button on the router. Push the button for more than 10 seconds and it should reseat itself to default settings and you should be able to connect to internet.

You can also go to  (using any other connection) and download the guide for the router model that you are using and find out if there is any specific solution to this problem for the particular model.

Best of luck. Hope you will be able to connect to internet soon.


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