How to setup router in WIMAX?

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Recently, I bought a netis router to use WiFi  in WIMAX internet connection. But, I am not  able to do the setup and edit the settings of the router. Are there any other way to use WiFi in WIMAX internet connection? If there is then please write the procedure in comments.

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How to setup router in WIMAX?

                Before setting the router, WiMAX provider sends pre-configured modem, antenna, or both to the subscribers. These devices come with detailed instructions about the installing them, and often there are no further actions needed for subscribers. The next step is to set up the router itself. Often routers come with the software to install on a computer.
               This software walks the subscriber through setting up the wireless security settings. It is not advisable to run the unsecured home network. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Internet port on the router. Sometimes this is also be labeled as the WAN port. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to a port on device provided by the WiMAX subscription service. There may be only be one part, or it may be labeled Internet or GAN.
              Connect power supply to the router and plug the other end into a power outlet. Subscriber may want to use a surge protector in case of any power surges.Wireless devices has shown the new network connection options.The Computers will ask whether the subscriber wishes to label the network as Home, Public, or Work.
              Suppose If the connection does not seem to be working, Kindly contact the WiMAX provider to verify that WiMAX service is operational.

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