Which is Essential? Upload or Download Speed?

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I am hoping that I can get some ideas from all our techyv people here regarding uploading and download speed on the internet. What should I consider first when choosing an internet package?

I need to have an internet connection but I am getting confused with considering things.

Comcast is offering $53 for up to 50Mbps download speed and 10Mbps uploading speed.

And they preferably used the term power boost when promoting the package.

Which of the two should I put on my top priority list?



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Which is Essential? Upload or Download Speed?





It depends with the activities that you will be using the internet mostly. If it is streaming videos from the internet, downloading files and just general browsing you will need to have a very fast download speed as compared to the upload speed, and therefore this package will be suitable for you.

But if you intend to be mostly uploading videos and files to the internet as the main thing then you will be need faster upload speeds for that task.

But generally that package is good and it should be able to support uploads very well, as in most cases people want to use the internet to get stuff from it, which means download speeds should be higher.

Hope this helps.


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Which is Essential? Upload or Download Speed?



Choosing an internet package depends on how you use the internet on a daily basis. When we talk about internet speed, you have to ask yourself as to how you are going to use your internet connection. Downloading speed represents how quickly you receive information from the internet. If you are into downloading movies, mp3 music or large programs like free software from the internet then you have to make sure that you have a good download speed.

Your upload speed would matter when you share information on the internet like send large files through email, uploading pictures to Facebook and uploading videos on YouTube or Flickr. Video Conferencing, VoIP and Online Gaming also require upload throughput but I'm pretty sure that you don't need to have 10 Mbps of upload speed of these applications (1 – 3 Mbps is fast enough) so if you are just a typical home user that are not hosting  any server, upload speed would NOT be an issue.

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Which is Essential? Upload or Download Speed?



Upload and download are two different things. When you send any data then it counts in upload and when you receive any data like file etc. then it counts in the download. The tiny list of upload and download are below.

Mainly Upload is:-

1 Send any data like file song etc. or upload any file.

2 servers rely their website (you machine host any website and users outside of your line browse your site.)

Mainly Download is:-

1 Browsing website.

2 watch video directly by internet like YouTube.

3 download any file.

 So, calculate your requirement and then decide that what you want. If your requirement is big download then choose a better download plan, and if the upload is your primary requirement then choose a better upload plan.

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