How much do servers cost? Several questions regarding web-hosting?

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Hi Guys,

I have several questions. I am somewhat, an amateur. I have several questions and would really like, if you could answer them accordingly also.

What is the purpose of a server ?

  1. How much does servers cost? 
  2. Is it cheaper to pay monthly for hosting or just buy a server?
  3. What does it cost to keep it running?
  4. Can you open up several domain names, using a server or can you only host them?
  5. We have 4 different websites. Two for business. One for self and One for school. The central goal is to make money. I am paying around 150 monthly, to keep them running. They are hosted by different companies such as big daddy, 1and1, and cheap servers. Would getting a server be the best choice?
  6. Also how do people make money using servers. Is it more of a get machines and let them run on their own?


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How much do servers cost? Several questions regarding web-hosting?



That is a very good question you posted here. Please see below the answers, one by one.

  • Basically server is a computer, which is running a multiprocessing operating system. This will manage all the resources on a network. There are different kinds of servers we can use for different works.

Example: File or Data Server, Web server, mail server etc. Also we can use one computer for all kinds of services.

  • The server cost is not fixed. You can buy a server, to expand $1000-$5000. It's based on the configuration.
  • Initially it is not cheaper for monthly hosting but for a long time it is cheaper.
  • For setting up a server, you need a high speed internet connection, server room and an employee who will manage and take care of it.

So, now you can calculate your cost.

  • If you set your own server at your office then not need to host all domains to other places. You can host all your domains on your server.
  • As per my opinion, it is better to buy your own server.
  • There are many ways to make money to use a server.


  • You can start business for web hosting.
  • You can add a banner to your website etc.

Hope you will find all your questions answered.

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How much do servers cost? Several questions regarding web-hosting?


Hosting plans do not allow you to use too much RAM or CPU. I think you only have websites which most of the time doesn't have very big traffic, if the total traffic on your websites doesn't exceed about 20.000 daily page views, you don't need anything more than a shared hosting.

If you need a server, it's better to rent it, because you can't just buy the server and leave it, maintenance is not easy and not cheap, also you need a very high speed internet connection which costs a lot more than the rent of a server.

Prices to rent the servers varies very much, it starts from 50$ up to 1000$ a month, depending on the RAM, CPU, HDD configuration, server location, quality of the provider etc.

If you were talking about domain registration when you wrote "open up several domain names", a server is not about domain registration, registering domains by yourself is a lot bigger business.

You can host all your domains in 1 server, also there are shared hosting plans that allow you to host lots of domains in 1 plan which makes it cheaper.

Getting a server is not a good choice, but also your current hosts are too expensive.

I recommend you to buy a, baby web hosting plan which starts at $6.36 each month, it will allow you to host all your domains on it and it's one of the most reliable web hosting firms. Buying a server is the worst option for you, only very big sites and hosting firms buys servers

Hosting and VPN selling firms make money using servers, they buy a few servers and they need technical assistants but they sell about 100 hostings from each server so they're able to make money. Small hosting firms also rent their servers from bigger firms.

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