How to set-up a remote desktop?

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Way back when I was working at the office, I remember that one of my work mate mentioned that he uses a remote desktop. I am not familiar with this issue but it looks fun and interesting. If I want to try it, what will I need to do? Do I need to buy something?

I have a desktop computer here at home, my current operating system is Windows XP SP3. I'm looking' for someone who can assist me, can you please teach me on how to set-up a remote desktop? By the way, when and what situations do we need to use a remote desktop?

Hope you can help me with this guys.


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How to set-up a remote desktop?


Remote Desktop Connection technology allows you to sit in front of a computer (What you called the client computer) and connect to a remote computer (What you called the host computer) placed in a different location.

For example, you can connect to your office PC from your home PC and have access to all of your files, programs, and other resources same as you were work in the office.

If you given the permission and necessary rights by the administrator to access your machine from anywhere, then follow the below path

Click Start on a any PC in the Network

Go to accessories and there you will find Remote Desktop Connection.

Then there will be a dialog box Remote Desktop Connection

Type the name of your computer which you want to access, on the text box.

Click the connect button

Then you'll get a login dialog box. Just type the user name and the password.

So there you go. Accessing your Office PC.

If you are the administrator of your office PC, Then you can set up giving the access rights.

Right click on the My Computer and select properties.

Then you will get a System Properties Dialog box. There will be a tab Remote. Just click it

This is the place where you can configure the way that your computer can be used from other location.

On the remote desktop field set

Tick the Allow users to connect remotely to this computer check box

Under that you can view the computer name. So this must type whenever you are going to have a remote desktop session.

Then select the remote users button.

There will be Remote Desktop Users dialog box appear.

Click the add button and you will get a Select Users dialog box.

If you are the administrator of this computer, your account will be automatically added to this list already. If not

Just add up your user account to this.

But you have to remind that you cannot have a remote desktop session when computer is sleep or hibernating. So you must make sure that the settings for sleep and hibernation on the remote computer that you are going to access are set to never. And also you have to configure the Windows firewall according to this.

As you see this is feature is windows built-in thing, I prefer it using when I'm in the Local Area Network. Which means I'm still in the office but not in front of my computer.

When I'm at home I use software to access my computer. It's recommended if you don't get a license copy of windows. Because have remote sessions through Windows will be riskier to be spying from Microsoft.

The software is Team Viewer. You can download it from their website Download

It connects to any computer or server around the globe within just a few seconds and controls it as you were sitting right in front of it.

I think you must try out this. You will don't get to be worried about IP addresses, firewalls, and NAT. You will be find this is easier. It will automatically optimize according to your network connection, so you do not get to be further upsetting about the bandwidth.

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How to set-up a remote desktop?



you can easily connect with your pc anywhere in the world. You can use your Operating system integrated software or you can use many good and easy to use Remote Desktop Access software.

You just have install it in you PC and do what your software want to you do.

I am giving a link where you select many Remote Desktop software:


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How to set-up a remote desktop?


Hi Janssen,

This is a common requirement for all computer users. I also face this problem as usual.

I had search for this solution and then found a good application which name is

“Team Viewer”. It is really good any kind of platform. If don’t have fixed IP, no problem it doesn’t need this.

It is completely free for private/noncommercial use.

Just download it from here.

Install it both of your computer and Enjoy 🙂


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