How to password protect a file or folder

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Can anyone here tell me How can I have folders with password so no one can open it except me and how can I know that someone spying on my laptop please and without programs and how can I have more than 1 Skype work in the same time and opened at the same time and make calls in the same time too.

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How to password protect a file or folder



Folder level security is sometimes not very effective if you really need your personalized work keep be in secret you can make the folder hidden. Further, there are numerous soft wares available which provides folder level security features. If you work on Excel or Word you can easily put a password on them even you can make them read only so that others may read those files but could not make any changes to your files.

Anti Virus is one of the most effective method to remove and to safeguard one’s PC from being under spy activities. If you are witnessing unnecessary files on your computer it means there is something wrong I suggest you to install a latest version of any antivirus program to keep your laptop safe from spying activities.

You can not use more than one Skype at a time because it will require more than one mic and headsets working at the same time which is obviously impossible for you. In fact, there would be no good at receiving two calls simultaneously.


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How to password protect a file or folder


Dear Rose Joe,

You have two problems, well, regarding with your first problem, on how you could set a password to your folder. Just follow these steps:

  1. On your user interface/desktop, Right click.
  2. Click "NEW", then, click "FOLDER"
  3. Click the blank folder, then Right Click.
  4. Then put the cursor to "NEW".
  5. Choose "TEXT DOCUMENT".
  6. Click the "TEXT DOCUMENT".
  7. Then write "YGJGJH".
  8. Then Click the "FILE", Click "SAVE".
  9. Then Close.
  10. Then back to the new folder, then right click.
  11. Choose the "ADD ARCHIVE", then a archive and parameter box will appear.
  12. In the General, choose the "ZIP".
  13. Click the "ADVANCE" next to "GENERAL".
  14. Then on the right side, click "SET PASSWORD".
  15. Enter the password that you like, just verify it afterwards.
  16. Then click "ENCRYPT FILE NAMES".
  17. Then Click "OK".
  18. Then Click "BACKGROUND".
  19. Then the folder will be placed on your desktop.
  20. Then you will now have a password to your folder.

If you want to see, the video for this is given below

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